Fresh Produce and Natural Products

We have expertise at IFR Extra to help you develop and optimise fresh horticultural produce and extracts and/or ingredients of plant origin For example:

Fresh Produce

  • Optimisation of crops for specific secondary plant metabolites including carotenoids, flavonoids, sulphur-containing molecules, volatile oils, or other bioactives. This includes food and non-food crops.
  • Development of commercially viable analysis tools for fresh produce quality.
  • Shelf-life and modified atmosphere packaging trials for flavour, fragrance or healthy bioactives in fresh produce
Plant Extracts/Ingredients
  • Assessment of market opportunity for new extracts from plants, or new food products.
  • New sources of natural colours.
  • Development of new, novel foods and ingredients on the basis of bioactivity, flavour or colour.
  • Extraction efficiency for valued molecules from biomass, developing links with commercial parties for extraction/purification.
  • Sourcing or supplying quality essential oils.
We can analyse a range of products for phytochemicals using the latest analytical techniques. For an up-to-date list and pricing please contact us For more information, please contact IFR Extra on 01603 255342.
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